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Main Street Board meeting minutes March 5, 2018

Greentown Main Street Association Minutes
Monday, March 5, 2018

The Greentown Main Street Association met on Monday March 5, 2018 at the Greentown City Building Town Council room. Those in attendance were:

Directors present: Jolene Rule, Lisa Stout, Rachel Jenkins, Ronda Eldridge, Liesbet Patrick, Drew Reed, Ron Simpson, Garry Hill and Katie Regan.

Directors absent with regrets: Mark Lantz

Jolene Rule called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

The minutes of the February 2018 meeting were approved as printed with one correction of the spelling of the Hy-Red Station.

The Treasurer's report for February was read and filed for audit.


Membership – 40 paid memberships and 1 exchange membership was reported.

Fundraising – Is in need of a chairman.

Website – No report

Facebook Page – Jolene has been adding events to the facebook page and has had a lot of activity. She asked everyone to keep sending her information to post.

Design - Katie Regan -Chairman

Committee Members: Drew Reed, Jolene Rule, Rachel Jenkins

Revitalization Planning Grant- Katie Regan reported that her committee is focusing on Grants and meeting the deadlines. Jolene asked if Clifford Sign was ready for us. They needed to get approval from INDOT it make our signs. Drew said he would check and also see if there was a backup company to make our signs, possibly a company in Peru IN. April 1st is the next report

It was suggested that we might go to the local businesses that offered money to get started on the Wayfinding signs and get that money collected and send in the vouncher to get ½ of the funding from the state.
  • Town Beautification - Jolene reported that the new town engineer is Michael Mauk.
The old greenery has been pulled out of the pots at the center of town. The pot at the Historical Society corner is not draining well and will be looked at. Will replant the second weekend in May. Kim Patton suggested that ivy be used in the pots and at the fountain to stay green all winter.

Murals and Signage

Jolene suggested that the windows on the West side of the King Chef building would be a good place to paint. It was alsa reported that there is some siding on the Heartland Market west wall and that they took down the unsightly awning. Drew has not received permission to paint the Heartland Market wall.

Garry suggested that traveling to Plymouth IN. to see their murals is worth the trip.
  • Holiday Lights – The lights are down and stored and a check to the fire department has been sent.  

Economic Vitality - Mark Lantz - Chairman.

Mark send a message that he would like to see the slogan “Keep the Green in Greentown” revived.

Century Villa is having an open house on March 22.


Music At The Fountain – July 26-Sept 13 7:00 PM. Ads are available for the programs and sponsorships are available for each night. Garry suggested that the committee invite the Northwestern Championship Basketball Team on one of the nights.

MATF Scholorship – The committee is planning to give out their second scholorship to an Eastern High School Senior that will pursue music in college.

Lt. Mike Andry ride – The event will be July 21, 2018. To volunteer contact Rita Hill. The Town Council has approved closing off N. Meridian Street from the stoplight to Grant street on the Friday before the ride at 5 PM thru Saturday midnight. The money raised goes to local charities for kids and local disabled Veterans.

Community Garden – Lisa Stout will invite new gardeners to apply for space in the garden and will give applications to the apartments on Maple St. and Harvey Dr. Flyers have been placed around town.

Art Show – Lisa Stout reported that the date has not been set for 2018 but is usually in August.

Holiday Bazaar – Jodi Cecil -No report

Farmers Market – Racheal Parker is getting permission from the school to use their parking lot at the administration building again this year. It is still $20.00 for the year and this includes Main Street membership.

Community Rummage Sale Map – It was decided that since there is no chairman for the map that Main Street would set a date for the Community Rummage Sale and let the home owners and businesses plan accordingly. The date is set as Saturday May 19, 2018.

Fall Festival – Drew Reed reported that October 12, second Friday of the month, will be the Fall Festival. This will be at the 4-H fairgrounds. He and his committee have lots of ideas to expand on last years event. All food vendors should have their own permits and liability.

Garry reported that signs could be placed 30 day prior to the event without a permit, but should be taken down promptly after the event.

Old Business – None

New Business – None

Comments - How do we get more people involved in Main Street? Some people just need to be asked. They won't volunteer on their own. We have several volunteers but they don't always come to meetings. This is a board meeting and they are not required to come. Maybe look at other Main Streets. Converse? Some people don't understand what Main Street does for the community.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM. The next meeting will be Monday April 2, 2018 at 7:00 PM.

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