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Feb 5, 2018 Main Street Board meeting Minutes

Greentown Main Street Association Minutes
Monday, February 5, 2018

The Greentown Main Street Association met on Monday February 5, 2018 at the Greentown City Building Town Council room. Those in attendance were:

Directors present: Jolene Rule, Lisa Stout, Rachel Jenkins, Ronda Eldridge, Liesbet Patrick, Mark Lantz, Drew Reed, Ron Simpson and Katie Regan.

Directors absent with regrets: Garry Hill

Jolene Rule called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

The minutes of the November 2017 meeting were approved as printed.

The Treasurer's report for November, December and January were read and filed for audit.

The 2018 Budget was up for discussion. $300 was added for Economic Development and there was some discussion what our committment is to the Wayfair signage upkeep with INDOT. After discussion Ron Simpson made the motion to accept the 2018 budget and Katie 2nd the motion. The motion was approved.

Checking & savings account signature cards: Because Mary Miller is no longer on the board Katie Regan made a motion to take Mary Miller off of the signature card at the bank and have the three names on the account. Lisa Stout, Ron Simpson and Jolene Rule. Rachel Jenkins seconded the motion. With an 8 yea and 1 nay vote the motion was approved.


Membership – 39 paid memberships and 1 exchange membership was reported.

Fundraising – Is in need of a chairman.

Website – Will add new members to the Website business directory in February 2018.

Rachel Jenkins requested that the entire membership be included on the website not just the business directory. Lisa will look into this.

Facebook Page – Jolene mentioned that if a Main Street Business member is having an event to send the information to the facebook page. She reminded everyone to like the page so you will get information on upcoming events. Drew Reed gave some instruction on how to tag the Main Street page. There was discussion on Driving Business with Social Media. It was suggested that it might be benificial to our business owners to have classes on the benefits of social media.

Design - Katie Regan -Chairman

Committee Members: Drew Reed, Jolene Rule, Rachel Jenkins

Revitalization Planning Grant _ Katie Regan discussed correspondence with INDOT and the design firm. Contruction should begin in 2020. Sidewalks are included. A planning meeting to replace State Road 22/35 will be soon. Continuing talks with Duke energy on the expense to move the power lines (or bury them) in the one block radius of the stoplight.
  • Town Beautification - Jolene 
  • Flowers are planned to be planted in May at the trail head, town sign and pots. The town plans to hire someone to water the flowers this year.
Murals and Signage

Wayfinding Signs – Drew is working with OCRA, INDOT and Clifford sign to complete this project.

Murals – Drew reported that Kaley Harness has a job in Indianapolis and Brittany Miller is getting married so he is working with an IUK professor to get the names of students to paint the murals. Heartland Market has not been responsive to giving permission to paint a mural on their building so there were suggestions to move to another location such as the Main Occasions Catering building or the King Chef building.

  • Holiday Lights – The lights are still up and a check to the fire department will be sent when the lights are down and stored for the summer.   

Economic Vitality - Mark Lantz - Chairman.

Mark reported :
  1. Subway has a new general manager and has been told that there has been a delay in their new building.
  2. Century Villa is under new management but has been told that the old staff will stay on.
  3. George Howell passed away. He was an upstanding business owner for many years. There was a large viewing at the funeral home.
  4. NAPA has two new owners from Tipton.
  5. Mark took pictures of all the business store fronts in the downtown area. These can be used for future reference as needed.
  6. He is planning to have a round table meeting with downtown business owners on Monday March 12 at 5 PM at Main Occasions Catering. His intent (among other things) is to discuss the impact their business has on visitors or patrons of their stores and how it affects the image of the town.
A motion was made by Liesbet to fund this event. Drew seconded and the motion passed.
  1. Rachel Jenkins reported that she has purchased the Hy-Red Station and is looking for a tenant.
  2. Discussion on the impact of social media and having a meeting for training. Some thought one on one training might be more beneficial. Others thought a slower class than what the library offers might also work.
  3. Jolene mentioned that Paul Wyman had said in the past that there was money available for small pop up businesses to get them started. This might help to fill our vacant store fronts.
  4. Mark reported that there is a quantity of homes for sale in Greentown. The cheaper homes are more available and the utility bills make a difference for the lower income buyers. 

Music At The Fountain – No report

Lt. Mike Andry ride – The event will be July 21, 2018. To volunteer contact Rita Hill

Community Garden – Lisa Stout will invite new gardeners to apply for space in the garden and will give applications to the apartments on Maple St. and Harvey Dr.

Art Show – Lisa Stout reported that the date has not been set for 2018 but is usually in August.

Holiday Bazaar – No report

Farmers Market – No report

Community Rummage Sale Map – We are looking for someone to put together the 2018 rummage sale maps.

Fall Festival – Drew Reed reported that Larry LaRowe of the Lions Club asked him if they wanted to combine the Fall Festival with what the Lions Club does around Halloween. Drew said he would like to do the fall festival earlier in October and welcomed the Lions Club to be a part of it. Last year was good but Drew and his committee are working on making it better this year.

Pinehurst Texas Relief Fund – Mark Lantz reported that he has tried to contact someone in Pinehurst that we could help but isnt getting any response from them. He has tried churchs and schools and even asked for names for Christmas gifts but has had no luck. Therefore, he made a motion that this fund be renamed to Disaster Relief fund and the money be used for future use as needed. Katie Regan seconded the motion and the motion was approved.

Old Business – None

New Business – Correspondence received has been the Historical Society newsletter that is available for anyone interested, and a post card from the Community Foundation with the deadlines for grant applications for 2018.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM. The next meeting will be Monday March 5, 2018 at 7:00 PM.

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