Thursday, July 20, 2017

Main Street Board minutes July 3, 2017

Greentown Main Street Association Minutes
Monday, July 3, 2017

The Greentown Main Street Association met on Monday July 3, 2017 at the Greentown City Building. Those in attendance were:

Directors present: Jolene Rule, Lisa Stout, Rachel Jenkins, Ronda Eldridge,Ron Simpson, Mary Miller, Mark Lantz and Garry Hill.

Directors absent with regrets: Liesbet Patrick

Other members present: Ed Hannah, Racheal Parker , Katie Regan, Zeb Parker

Visitors : Kaley Harness, Brittany Miller, Drew Reed.

Jolene Rule called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

The minutes of the June 2017 meeting were presented. Garry Hill moved to accept the minutes and Rachel Jenkins seconded. The motion passed.

The Treasurer's report for June was read and filed for audit.

Murals & Signage - Brittany & Kaley reported that they have been in contact with Scott Shoemaker from the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis. They were referred to him by the Miami Indians in Peru Indiana. They presented a more authentic design and are asking for his approval. After some discussion Mark Lantz made the proposal that, If Mike Huffman from Heartland Market gives his approval and Scott Shoemaker from Eiteljorg Museum says it is an authentic design then it will be ok to begin painting the mural on the Heartland Market west wall. If either one of them says no then we will start over. Garry Hill made a motion that we accept this proposal, Mary Miller seconded and the motion passed.

The budget for this mural is $700.00 and the money will come from the Town Beautification funds. This will include good quality paint and the upkeep. They will be working under the Main Street Association insurance.

A second mural could be funded with a Downtown Enhancement Grant for Murals and Wayfinding signs by Steve Ray which opens in September. Rachel Jenkins made the motion that we move forward with the Downtown Enhancement Grant. Mark Lantz seconded and the motion passed.

Wayfinding Signs – Clifford Signs in Kokomo has been approached for a quote on signs with solid arrows, the stained glass design and different colored strips. The strips will not be removeable but will have vinyl letters that will be able to be removed and replaced as needed. They will be reflective letters. One question was, Would INDOT and the Town Council have to be contacted to place these signs? Garry Hill said it would depend on where the signs were located if we would need to go thru the Council or just the building permit system. Location is a factor.


Membership – Lisa reported 47 members

Fundraising – Is in need of a chairman.

Website – Some additions were requested and Lisa will work to see that they are made.

Facebook Page – Jolene has set up a Greentown Main Street Association facebook page, She would like for everyone to like the page and invite their friends to like the page. Also if any member or business is having a sale or event that they would like to post on the page please send the information to her.

Design - Katie Regan has agreed to be the chairman of this Design Committee. She will be assisted by Rachel Jenkins who is our expert on historic design and has contacts to answer questions on design.

Revitalization Committee –The Steering Committee met on June 14 at the library. 20 people attended. We want to make Greentown a nice place to live and visit. With good sidewalks and green spaces. We need to rescue our empty buildings to keep them from deteriorating. Some of the plans have changed. The bump outs have been pulled back and do not stick out into the streets as far. There has been attention placed on bicycle and pedestrian loops around the town. August 22, 2017 is the Town public hearing at 6:30 PM where the final plan will be presented to the public.

Town Beautification – The fountain in front of the City Building has been leaking so the decision was made to turn off the water and fill it with dirt and flowers. This has been completed. Other improvements to that area are being discussed.

Road Trip to Delphi – Rachel, Jolene and Katie made a trip to Delphi Indiana. It is a Stella City which is a project of OCRA( Office of Community and Rural Affairs). Greentown could someday qualify.

With the money they received they have been able to restore their Opera House and have been able to use it for many events and rent it out. This produces business and revenue. They have changed all their stoplight thru town to 4 way stops.

It was reported that INDOT has raised the 22/35 project thru Greentown to active status for 2019/2020.

Economic Vitality - Mark Lantz has agreed to Chair this committee.

Mark reported that the boat ramp west of town by the bridge has had a lot of activity lately. Could benches or lighting improve this area. Garry mentioned that this property belongs to INDOT as a bridge right of way.

Mark also mentioned that Music at the Fountain is a captive audience to promote businesses in town.

Music At The Fountain – Ed Hannah mentioned that the program hand out this year will have more information on it to make it more valuable for the sponsors and will help to get our programs and events out to the public. He said there will be an ad in the Kokomo Park Band Program promoting MATF. Macedonia Church will give out free water again this year. Sponsorship letters have been sent out and the sponsorship money is coming in. Ed took the time to thank his committee and express his appreciation for them. He also mentioned that the Glass Museum and the Historical Society will be open on Thursdays before the program.

Community Garden – The Garden shed, water wagon and picnic table have been moved and 5 plots have been planted.

Lt. Michael Andry Memorial Ride – A check for $75.00 was received from the profit from the ride. This will go into the general fund to go towards the insurance payment.

Art Show – Lisa Stout reported that the Art Show will be in August 5, 10-12, 17-19 at the Greentown Mini Mall. Entry forms are now available.

Holiday Bazaar – Jodi Cecil, chairman, has set the date for November 11 at the fairgrounds. She will send out vendor forms in August. Last year the Health Inspector questioned the water quality. Jodi has found out that the block building at the fairgrounds is on city water and this should not be an issue for this upcoming event.

Farmers Market – will run June thru September , Saturday mornings 9 AM – 1 PM. Racheal Parker reported that there should be an egg vendor this next weekend and she is looking for other vendors. She has made up a facebook page to attract some interest. Be sure to like it and invite your friends to like it too. Some discussion was had on food permits both Howard County and Indiana regulations.

Community Rummage Sale Map – The fall sale will be Sept 16.

Greentown Night Kokomo Jackrabbits game – Mark Lantz – the date is set for Saturday July 29. It was suggested to wear green. Still looking for some little league player as a bat boy, The Joel Matthew's Band will play the National Anthem. Also looking for someone to throw out the first pitch. Mark encouraged everyone to get their tickets and come out for a fun time at the ball park.

Christmas Walk – Nothing new to report

Old Business – Annual Meeting at Main Occasions. Nov 6

New Business – Jolene suggested that a Fall Festival in the Pioneer Village at the fairgrounds would be fun. If anyone is interested in putting this together let her know.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM. The next meeting will be Monday August 7, 2017 at 7:00 PM. in the Town Council meeting room at the City Building.