Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Town Council meeting minutes July 5, 2011

Town Council Meeting July 5, 2011 7:30 PM
 Scott Flick absent
Opening Prayer was led by Dan Adams followed by the pledge of allegiance led by Clark Walker.
1.       Minutes of last meeting were approved on a motion by Dan Adams with a second by Todd Everling.
2.       Todd Everling made a motion to accept the Umbaugh contract for a rate study for the pending sewage improvements. Dan Adams seconded.  Motion carried.
3.       Attorney Peelle reviewed Resolution 2011-1 to establish a Town Election Board.
4.       Danny Marsh and Dave Fredrick from Umbaugh & Associates presented their preliminary report on the rate study in preparation for the Wastewater Plant project.  Much discussion and questions were asked and answered by them and also our Engineer, Ryan Braun.
5.       Ryan Braun, Wessler Engineering, presented the town with a contract to begin the design phase of the Wastewater project.  Contract is for $95,800. To be paid in three installments beginning in August.  More questions and discussions and comments from the council and audience were heard.  A motion was made by Scott Deyoe with a second made by Todd Everling and the motion passed.  It was mentioned by President Higginbottom that anyone can make an appointment to tour the Wastewater Treatment Plant or perhaps they would schedule a Public Viewing Day for those who want to visit to take a tour.  A copy of the Preliminary Engineering Report will be left in the Utility Office so it can be viewed by residents.
6.       Fire Department report – No one present from fire department.  Joyce said they were doing an excellent job and also with the Fireworks.
7.       Police report was read and approved on a motion by Dan Adams with a second by Todd Everling.
8.       Water and Street report read and approved on a motion by Todd and a second by Dan.  Kevin asked about the quotes to repair streets he presented in April.  Scott Deyoe made a motion to accept Phase #1 thru 4 with a second by Todd Everling and it passed.  Then he made motion to complete the work on Payton Street with a second by Todd which also passed.
9.       Wastewater report was read and approved on motion by Dan Adams with a second by Everling.  Steve stated he had to have a flow meter calibrated which then made his report from the 23rd to the end of the month more like normal.  He will note on his report to IDEM of what happened.
10.   Park Advisory Board – Jolene not present and no report presented.
11.   Unfinished Business – None.
12.   New business – Deyoe – none, Everling – None, Adams asked if anyone talked to Wyrick about his work at the Landfill. It has been too wet.  Higginbottom – Read letter from Plan Commission recommending the council change the zoning of the property at 125 S. Hammer St. from R-4 to B-1 to be in compliance with proper zoning for the parking lot at 1st Farmers Bank.  A motion was made by Scott Deyoe to allow with a second by Dan Adams. Motion carried.
Resolution 2011-1 to establish a town election board was read by Joyce.  A motion was made by Dan Adams with a second by Everling to accept.  All members present voted individually to pass the motion.
Joyce read a letter from the Howard County Fair Board requesting to close East Payton Street for the 4-H Fair from July 9th thru July 17th.  Motion made by Dan and seconded by Todd.  Motion passed.
The Town received a thank-you card from Eastern’s Destination Imagination Team for the donation for the Global Finals in Tennessee. She also had a thank you letter from the school board for the donation the town made to the EHS Robotics Club.
13.   Guests - Daryl Allen brought a bill asking that the town pay Roto Rooter for cleaning a sewer line for Hasler-Stout Funeral Home.  It was discussed and decided that the town should have been contacted first to see if the problem was in our line or theirs.  The town will not pay it.
Clee Oliver talked about CCC meetings. Kevin is the representative on that from Greentown.
14.   Dan made a motion to adjourn with the second by Todd. Meeting adjourned at 9:25

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Town Council Minutes June 7, 2011

Town Council Meeting June 7, 2011 7:30 PM
Joyce Higginbottom and Scott Deyoe absent
Prayer given by Dan Adams followed by the pledge of allegiance led by Ray Mumaw.
Minutes of previous meeting approved on a motion by Scott Flick with the second by Todd Everling.
1.       Attorney Peele had nothing to report on at the present time.  He had made a collection of a past due invoice from 2009 concerning damage to a police vehicle.
2.       Ryan Braun from Wessler Engineering submitted drawings and cost estimates of the continuing Wastewater project.  This phase is for construction and improvements in the plant and the estimated cost of the total project is $5,463,000.  There were many guests present and a lengthy discussion followed with many questions about past projects and the raising of rates.
3.       Doug L. Baldessari of H. J. Umbaugh & Associates was present to give the Council a copy of the firms agreement on a Preliminary Rate Study of the proposed improvement project.  Vice President Adams said the full Council would look it over and have our Attorney also look at it and advise him of the outcome.
4.       Fire Chief Jason Davis was present and reported 256 runs to date.
5.       Police report read and approved on a motion by Todd with the second by Flick.  Marshal Bennett reported Tony Bougher had completed all training necessary for a Reserve Officer.
6.       Wastewater report read and approved on a motion by Flick with a second by Todd.
7.       Water & Street report read and approved on a motion by Todd with the second by Flick.
8.       Jolene Rule was not present so Vice President Adams read the Park Advisory Report and reported the plant & bake sale raised almost $400.00 and it would be applied to the trail loan.  Farmers Market will begin June 11th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  They will not do trinket sales at this years fireworks and the Arts & Craft Show will be November 12, 2011.  A tool shed was purchased for the Community Garden and the land was tilled by Kent Young.  Volunteers planted 100 tomato plants, 30 zucchini & cucumber plants and potatoes.
9.       Marshal Bennett had a suggestion of reviving the old siren on top of the City Building and shutting down the one at the Fire Station.  This would cost approximately $1500.00 and maybe, at some later date, the one at the Fire Station could be moved.  He is to get prices on this project and report at next meeting.  Todd asked what fund would the money come from and Clerk said EDIT, Riverboat or Rainy Day Fund.
10.   Stan Zirkle mentioned the problem of Rats under the shed at the corner of Covalt and Grand Street and asked the Council or Marshal to do something about it.
11.   Fire Chief asked the Council to let the Fire Department know if a street is shut down so they will know to bypass it in an emergency.
12.   Scott Flick made a motion to adjourn with the second by Todd Everling. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.