Friday, April 19, 2013

Town Council Minutes March 5, 2013

Town Council Minutes March 5, 2013    7:30 PM

Present:  Scott Deyoe, Dan Adams, J. Scott Flick, Todd Everling, and 19 guests; Terri A. Sommers (New Clerk Treasurer) and Jeremy Peelle. ABSENT: Joyce Higginbottom

Dan Adams opened with prayer.  Jolene Rule led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Scott Deyoe introduced Terri Sommers and welcomed her as the new Clerk/Treasurer by a Republican Party Caucus at 6:30 PM.

Dan Adams made a motion to accept the minutes of February 5th and February 19th meetings, J. Scott Flick seconded.  Motion passed.

Jeremy Peelle, Town Attorney – had conversation with Asst. County Attorney on weld-head protection plan.  Foresees no problems at this time.  Zoning ordinance needed to be passed for outside town limits.  No action needed at this time.

Ryan Brauen, Wessler Engineering: TCI as Thieneman Construction, Inc. will start setting up in about 2 weeks weather permitting.  New recycling service is being looked at for when demolition starts.  FTM-Field Transmittal Memo minor changes.

Tom Hendricks – Greentown Fire Chief: 57 Total Runs: 41 EMS Runs; 13 Fire Runs; and 3 Rescue Runs in February.  Mr. Hendricks announced that February 1, 2013 a new EMT program became effective that runs from 6 AM to 6 PM daily (7 days a week), with a response time of less than one minute.  The question was asked, “How are they paid?” Tom replied their budget is for the service to the community of the Town of Greentown. Regular run from Kokomo Medic will stay the same.

Fire Department – The 2013 and 2014 contracts in the amount of $24,940 was signed by the Board and returned to Mr. Hendricks for the Fire Dept.  Board to sign and return by Friday.  Two installments, each $12,470 are to be made on June 1 and Dec 1 of each year.  Todd Everling made motion to accept. J. Scott Flick seconded.  Motion passed.  Regarding 2014 Fire Contract, J. Scott Flick made motion to accept, Dan Adams seconded.  Motion passed.  Lease agreement is presently in the hands of their legal counsel.

Police report – 305 hours worked; 9 traffic arrests; 21 traffic warnings; 8 cases investigated; 7 cases cleared; 1 case suspended; 5 criminal arrests; 183 calls for service; 3 accidents investigated; 27 agency assists; 1 holiday; 6 vacation days; 9 O.T. hours worked; 8 training hours; 1840.6 total miles; and 155 gallons of gas used.  Todd Everling made motion to accept.  J. Scott Flick seconded. Motion passed.

Jeff Bennett reported that he was having a tire issue.  Todd Everling suggested for him to go to Terrell’s Automotive to get the tire plugged.  Jeff also needed his petty cash fund replenished as he was down to $5.00 remaining.  The board asked Terri Sommers and Joyce Flick to look into finding his receipts in the clerk’s office and cutting him a check for petty cash.

Water & Street Report read by Scott Deyoe -Total water pumped 4,175,000; max. daily flow 222,000; min daily flow 116,000; average daily flow 149,000; miles 1212; gas 155 gallons.

M. E. Simpson pinpointed lead on 303 W. Grant St.
Repair leak in 6’ cast iron line at 303 W. Grant St.
Bontrager Welding repaired ’97 F-350 flatbed and salt spreader.
Repaired lead in ¾” copper at 222 Meadows Drive.
Installed 3 new vents on methane vent wells in SE corner of landfill.
All snowblades were serviced. Blades for ’00 F-250 were sandblasted and repainted.
Quarterly methane monitoring was done on Feb. 7 and no exceedances were noted.
Read meters, salted, plowed snow, washed and serviced equipment as needed.
J. Scott Flick made he motion to accept. Todd Everling seconded. Motion passed.

Wastewater Report read by Scott Deyoe – snowfall 2.0; Rainfall 1.6: Flow 9,151.000 gallons; daily average 326,821 gallons, Dan Adams made motion to accept, J. Scott Flick seconded. Motion passed.

Park Advisory Board – Jolene Rule met with Mr. Brad Wilson, EHS Athletic Director, and received approval to move the benches and trees from the WWTP. Jolene also advised the board that there are two openings available on the Park Advisory Board if anyone is interested.

Unfinished Business – Mr. Deyoe stated there is no update on land/ homeowner agreement regarding utilities at this time.  The Council is still looking into a solution as discussed in Caucus. Sample agreement from Kokomo Utility Co. has been obtained, and Board is committed to suspend enforcement until update is complete and approved by Town Attorney.

New Business – Mr. J. Scott Flick: Utility Office is having a problem with trash and storm water bills not being paid on time.  Mr. Flick made motion to send them to Jeremy Peelle every 3 months for a collection letter to be sent out.  Todd Everling seconded.  Motion passed.

Mr. Flick would like to take some of the March 19, 2013 council meeting time to honor the Eastern Girls Basketball Team with cake or cookies and punch and a plague-type award.  Send an invitation to come to the board meeting.  This will be funded by the council members not by the town.  Todd Everling seconded. Motion passed.

Mr. Todd Everling – No New Business
Mr. Dan Adams – No New Business
Ms. Terri Sommers – No New Business
Guests: Mr. Allen – Question on new vent at landfill. When and how long? Last year.
Mr. Buckley – Question on trash and storm water letter. Why 3 months?  Is this the same as water and sewage?  Mr. Deyoe explained that this was for the customers that have just trash and storm water only that are not paying.  The 3 months was so that it does not get out of hand and we are dealing with a small amount of money.