Thursday, April 17, 2014

Town Council Minutes March 18, 2014

Town Council Meeting

March 18, 2014 6:30 PM

Present: Council Members: Scott Deyoe, Todd Everling, Dan Adams, J. Scott Flick: Deputy Clerk Joyce S. Flick as Acting Clerk-Treasurer; Jeremy Peelle, Town Attorney

Absent: Council member Joyce Higginbottom

Meeting was called to order by President Deyoe. He asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of the last meeting. Motion was made by Mr. Flick to accept minutes with a second by Mr. Everling. Motion passed.

Mr. Peelle: Brought 3 Ordinance drafts he worked on. 1) Utility fees, service charges and Meter Deposit rate changes; 2) Election clarification for the county on who votes for candidates in electing council members; and 3) Adoption of the Wellhead Protection Standards within town limits.

Motion was made by Mr. Everling with second by Mr. Flick to suspend three readings on Ordinance 2014-2 stating basically that each council member has to reside in town in the ward they are elected to represent, but all residents are able to vote to elect each one to their position. Clerk Treasurer also has to reside within town limits and is voted upon by entire in town population. Verbal vote was called from each member. Mr. Flick – Aye; Mr. Adams – Aye; Mr. Everling – Aye: Mr. Deyoe – Aye. Passed.

First readings for ordinances: Mr. Deyoe read Ordinance 2014-TBD amending rates and customer deposits and also Ordinance 2014-TBD an ordinance adoption the Wellhead Protection Plans Standards within town limits.

Unfinished Business: None

New Business: Mr. Flick – None; Mr. Adams – None ; Mr. Everling – None; Mr. Deyoe 1) read information from Howard County Surveyor letting the town know of spraying to take place of woody vegetation along J Loop and Brunk ditches. Twenty five foot of the 75 foot easement will be affected along these ditches. 2) Town received certificate of membership in good standing from Indiana Rural Water Association that is in effect until 1/7/2015. 3) Mr. Deyoe got a call from Chris Hamm asking if a council member or plan commission member would like to be on a 36 member board to study how to bring some money to our area for economic development. He will send information to these members to see if anyone is interested in attending the first meeting on March 20.

Clerk Treasurer: Since a political party in Howard County was not able to appoint anyone to Clerk Treasurer position it fell to the council to fill. Mr. John D. Wright approached council about this position. Motion was made by Mr. Everling and a second by Mr. Flick to accept Mr. Wright as new Clerk Treasurer. Verbal vote was taken: Mr. Everling – Aye; Mr. Adams – Aye; Mr. Flick – Aye; Mr. Deyoe – Aye. Mr. Wright was sworn into office.

Guests: Garry Hill asked about having Howard Street closed from Main to Grant from 10-2 PM on Saturday July 12 for a stop by a motorcycle ride honoring his stepson, Mike Andry, who was killed last July on a motorcycle. Council agreed by consensus and asked Mr. Hill to get with Marshall Bennett and Kevin Moss about barricades to use that day.

Motion was made by Mr. Flick and seconded by Mr. Adams to adjourn meeting. Meeting adjourned at 7::00 PM.