Friday, June 3, 2011

Town Council Meeting May 3, 2011

Town Council Meeting May 3, 2011 7:30 PM
All Members present
Opening prayer given by Dan Adams followed by the pledge of allegiance led by Michael Green.
Minutes of previous meeting approved on a motion by Dan Adams with second by Scott Deyoe.
1.       A group of students was present representing Destination Imagination from Eastern.  They are again this year going to global competition and the cost is about $610.   Per person.  Town Attorney Jeremy Peelle donated $250.00 from his monthly retainer fee to this trip.  Scott Deyoe made a motion for the town to donate $610.00 and the second came from Dan Adams and passed.
2.       Attorney looked over estimates for work at the Landfill and submitted an amendment to the Town Policy Ordinance.
3.       President Higginbottom then read “AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE TOWN OF GREENTOWN POLICY PORTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 2010-4.” This amendment concerns the payment dates of overtime paid to employees.  Todd Everling made a motion to suspend rules and pass this amendment on first reading.  The second was made by Scott Flick and passed.  Scott Flick then made a motion to adopt this amendment and the second was made by Dan Adams and passed.
4.       Engineer was not present but a workshop meeting was scheduled for May 17th at 6:30 P.M. and Kevin Moss and Steve Rule were asked to be present and anyone else interested in Phase II of Wastewater Project.
5.       Fire Chief was present to report 47 runs in April and asked if anything could be done about the tornado siren at the Fire Station.  It greatly interferes with radios and in an emergency situation, this could be bad.  They would like to have a key to the box to shut off the siren or have it moved to an alternate location.  Much conversation followed and a solution will be looked into.
6.       Police report read and approved on a motion by Scott Deyoe with the second by Todd Everling.
7.       Water & Street report read and approved on a motion by Todd with the second by Scott Flick.
8.       Wastewater report read and approved on a motion by Scott Deyoe with the second by Scott Flick.
9.       The Barton property sewer situation was brought up and much discussion held but Mr. Barton was told if his property is within 300 feet of a sewer, he must pay for the installation, inspection permit, etc.  and if the road is torn up it must be put back the way it was.  There was a question about the jurisdiction, whether it is ours or the county and it was mentioned to get a letter from Mr. Cain stating our jurisdiction.
10.   Park Advisory report given by Jolene Rule and Town was asked for a donation for Community Day for flowers. Motion made by Todd to donate $400.00 and the second was by Dan.  Carried.  Pocket Park project brought up and tabled.  Community Garden was discussed.  Town was asked to give a key to Linda Grove.  Much discussion held on this and questions by Kevin as to where on the water tower property would this garden be and how many people would be using it and so forth.
11.   Kevin had handed out quoted to Council on Landfill Project and Dan Adams made a motion to accept Hugh Wyrick’s quote of $22,6000.00 or $23,022.00 for 1000 ton stone. Scott Flick made a second to the motion and it carried.
12.   Kevin mentioned a property on West Grant Street where the owner wants to change the driveway approach.  He was told it would be the owners responsibility to do so.
13.   The third reading of ORDINANCE NUMBER 2011-2 was suspended on a motion by Scott Flick with the second by Todd and it carried.  Dan Adams made a motion to adopt the ordinance with the second by Todd Everling and it carried.
The rest of the meeting was not recorded because the Clerk Treasurer left the meeting at 9:00 P.M. due to situation at home.