Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Main Street Board Minutes June 4, 2018

Greentown Main Street Association Minutes
Monday, June 4, 2018

The Greentown Main Street Association met on Monday June 4, 2018 at the Greentown City Building Town Council room. Those in attendance were:

Directors present: Jolene Rule, Lisa Stout, Rachel Jenkins, Ron Simpson, Garry Hill, Mark Lantz, Liesbet Patrick and Katie Regan.

Directors absent with regrets: Drew Reed and Ronda Eldridge

Guests present : Regina Poe, Ed Hannah, John McCarthy and son, Zachary Houghton, Maci Weeks and her guests.

Before the meeting Ed Hannah intoduced Maci Weeks who is the 2018 Music At The Fountain Scholorship recipient. She will be attending Wheaton College in Illionis in the fall to study broadcast journalism, music theater and play softball. She sang two songs for our enjoyment.

Jolene Rule called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM.

The minutes of the May 2018 meeting were approved as printed.

The Treasurer's report for May was read and filed for audit.


Membership – No change from last month. 43 paid memberships and 1 exchange membership

Fundraising – Is in need of a chairman.

Website – Lisa reported that she gets several phone calls monthly from people who get the contact number from the website.

Facebook Page – Jolene reported that the facebook page is up to 155 followers. She encouraged everyone to invite their friends to like the page and promote Greentown businesses. If you have an event coming up send her the information.

Design - Katie Regan -Chairman

Committee Members: Drew Reed, Jolene Rule, Rachel Jenkins
Revitalization Plan
Michelle Loveall, INDOT Greenfield District Project Manager for 1593231,  and Crawford, Murphy and Tilly (CMT) design consultants hired by INDOT will meet with designated Town Council and Main Street reps to talk about the Main Street replacement project and answer questions.  The meeting will take place on Thursday June 19, 10:30.  at the Greentown Historical Society Building. Katie has asked for an engineering report but has not received one yet.  
Murals and Signage – per Drew Reed, Pat Clifford sent an official quote on Wayfinding Signs.  This report is being reviewed.  Pat Clifford is also working with  INDOT engineer Luis Laracuente. It was reported that 6 signs are in the original plan.  
Jolene Rule – A joint meeting with representatives from the Town and the Main Street Design Committee has been scheduled to discuss revitalization projects that can begin before the actual construction grant process. Examples are: Parking lots and brown fields, Design guidelines, Town Hall courtyard.  The meeting will be held Monday, June 11, 2018, 1:00 pm, Library Community Room.  INDOT agenda will also be discussed.  It is important that the committee has a cohesive vision of our plan. We need to all be on the same “page”. The meeting will last about 1-1/2 hours.
There are things that can be done ahead of the road construction of 22/35 Main Street . There are grants to redo brownfields , to cover them over with asphalt. We can start doing some things ahead of time 
Historic Designation Spreadsheet request - Rachel Jenkins.
Rachel reported that back in 2015-2016 the town applied for a Historic District designation. The Historical Society paid for half of the expense and Indiana Landmarks paid for the other half. This designation will be called the Greentown Commercial Historic District and will cover 1 block west and 1 block E of Meridian Street and 1 block North and 1 block south of Main Street. With the inclusion of the Meridian Street Christian Church. Letters will be sent to all businesses involved. This area will be available for certain grants and possible tax relief to private property.  
Town Beautification – Jolene Rule
Katie mentioned that the planters at the stop light are beautiful.
Jolene reported that the flowers have been planted and the town is watering them on a regular basis. She praised Mike Mauk (Utility Superintendent) as an asset to Greentown.  
Christmas Lights – Jim Miller 

Economic Vitality - Mark Lantz - Chairman.

June 18 will be the next Business Owners meeting 5:30 at Main Occasions Catering. Mark is looking to include the school and church leaders. On the agenda is the perception of each business, What does each business have to offer other businesses? How can we work together? There will be no speaker for this meeting.

Mark reported that Brad Howell Ford's building will be Dirt and Turf and large farm equipment when they move to Kokomo. He also reported that Mike at Heartland Market said that his awning should be coming soon.

Rachel Jenkins reported that her Hy-Red Station has been rented by a photography business that specializes in newborns and children.

Mark reported that the fairgrounds has a lot going on. It was suggested that the Lions Club needs to promote their events more such as Dog shows etc. Also what about tennis tournaments? Could they be promoted better? Century Villa and the Library work together on some events. You don't always have to create an event you can add on to an existing event.

If you see something interesting in town take a picture of it and post it to our facebook page.

A large hurdle is convincing those from out of town that Greentown is not far away. Buy local when you can.

Dr. Begeman will be closing his dental practice in June. He is retiring.


Music At The Fountain – July 26-Sept 13 7:00 PM. Ed Hannah reported that anyone having an event that they would like to have on the program to get the details to him a week in advance. The sponsorship letters will be going out soon. He has received permission to close off Meridian Street to Grant Street for the MATF season. He has requested the school for the PAC as a rain location.

Ed showed the posters for the current season and pass out cards with the MATF schedule (save the date cards) sponsored by Century Villa. He said a Mustang Show is scheduled for August 2. Gary Buckley is working on this.

There will be Face Time to Century Villa for each event. There will also be flyers printed each week with upcoming events and sponsorships.

Regina Poe is working on having local food vendors to sell downtown on Thursday nights. She thought extra trash cans would be a good idea and is asking the vendors to have food that would not use spoons and forks to generate less trash. She also invited everyone to Hometown Restaurant for free coffee on Mondays from 6 AM – 8 AM. Centruy Villa is paying for the coffee.

MATF Scholarship – As long as there is money available the scholorship will continue.

Lt. Mike Andry Ride – The event will be July 21, 2018.

On June 7th there is a Hacienda day. 20% of your total meal will go towards this event. Be sure you have a coupon to get this donation.

Jolene mentioned that this event is not only for motorcycle riders. It is for the entire community. There will be good food, & music downtown after the ride, and also a silent auction. Money raised goes to local charities

Community Garden – Lisa Stout reported that three gardeners have planted. The Fire Department has filled the water tank.

Art Show – Lisa Stout reported that the dates for the show will be Aug 4, 9-11, 16-18 at the Meridian Street Christian Church. 10 AM – 3 PM each day. Lisa has entry forms and rules available, Also there will be space during the show for businesses to have their business cards or promotional items for distribution.

Holiday Bazaar – Jodi Cecil -November 10, 2018 at the fairgrounds

Farmers Market – Racheal Parker - Starts Saturday June 2, 9 AM – 1 PM. School administration building parking lot. For $20 to join Greentown Main Street you can set up a booth each week thru September at no other charge.

Community Rummage Sale – Fall date is September 15, 2018 unless someone wants to make it a different day.

Fall Festival – Sometime in October. Possibly Oct 5

Old Business – None

New Business – None

Comments –

Regina Poe invited everyone to the Family Fun Day at Century Villa on August 11 from 10 AM – 3 PM. There will be a car show, games and free food. Police and fire vehicles are expected to be there to look inside. Because soccer leagues will be going on that day there is a need for golf carts to shuttle people from the fair ground parking to Century Villa.

Regina also mentionted that the Black Light Zoom Bus is a tentative event.

Mark reminded everyone about the Fresh Flower case at Heartland Market.

Jolene thanked Heartland Market for the donation of all the flowers to the town for planting.

With no other business the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM. The next meeting will be July 2, 2018 7 PM in the Town Council meeting room in the City Building.