Friday, April 20, 2012

Town Council MInutes March 6, 2012

Town Council Minutes March 6, 2012

All members present

Dan Adams opened with prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion to accept February 7, 2012 minutes was made by Todd Everling and seconded by Scott Flick. Motion passed.
Motion to accept February 28, 2012 minutes made by Scott Flick and seconded by Dan Adams. Motion passed.

Items from the attorney:
  1. Ordinance 2012-3  An Ordinance amending the salaries of the Clerk Treasurer and Town Employees of the Town of Greentown, Indiana.  Todd Everling made a motion to accept.  Scott Flick seconded. Motion passed.
  2. Ordinance 2012-4  An Ordinance amending hydrant rental rates for the Town of Greentown. Motion to suspend the rule made by Dan Adams and seconded by Todd Everling.  Motion to approve Ordinance 2012-4 made by Todd Everling seconded by Dan Adams.  Both motions passed.

Gary Ruston of Wessler Engineering – Next big milestone is the first of April to get the IDEM Construction Permit Application submitted.  Takes usually 3 to 4 months.  PER needs to be approved before the IDEM Construction Permit is approved.  The 3 year maintenance bond on the sewer rehab project will be up next month.  Someone will be sent to inspect before the bond expires.

Greentown Volunteer Fire Department Report -   Tom Hendricks will be the new Fire Chief on March 12, 2012.  Will bring a copy of 2012 Fire Contract to the clerk treasurer.

Police Report – Motion to accept made by Dan Adams seconded by Scott Flick. Motion passed.

Water and Street Report – Motion made by Scott Flick and seconded by Todd Everling. Motion passed.

Wastewater Report – Motion made by Todd Everling and seconded by Scott Flick. Motion passed.

New Business:  Dan Adams – Two ladies on
Harvey Drive
requested street lights.  Need to check covenant for addition.  Last light cost $2,000.00 plus monthly bill.  This was 5 years ago.  Suggested dusk to dawn lights purchased by homeowners. Clerk Treasurer asked about a donation to be made in memory of Fred Jenkins. Dan Adams made the motion to send $50.00 to a charity in his memory.  Todd Everling seconded. Motion passed.

Guests – Anita French of
1131 Killdeer Road
presented photographs of unsightly trash in neighbor’s yard.  Abatement notice previously presented on or about November 4, 2011.  Abatement notice will be followed up on March 7, 2012.  If a copy of abatement notice is not found a new one will be issued.  Check license plates on truck and boat trailer, if not current then they will be tagged.  Suggested Anita French take her pictures to the Board of Health.

Motion to adjourn made by Dan Adams and seconded by Scott Flick. Motion passed.