Thursday, October 2, 2014

July 15, 2014 Town Council Minutes

Greentown Town Council Meeting

July 15, 2014 6:30 PM

Members Present: Scott Deyoe, Todd Everling, Dan Adams, J. Scott Flick, Joyce Higginbottom, Clerk Teresa Duke

Meeting was called to order by Scott Deyoe.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: The minutes of the previous meeting were presented for additions or corrections. Mr. Flick made a motion to accept the minutes. Mr. Everling seconded. Motion carried.

Approval of Dockets: General Fund total expenses for July 1st- 15th were $10,285.73. Wastwater Utilities are $10,080.28. Water Co. approved expenses were $5,284.90. Todd Everling made a motion to accept the docket. Mr. Adams seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business: None.

New Business: Mr. Everling reported on InterAct for the police department. InterAct is software that is used on desktop and squad car computers to interact with state and local police in Kokomo. Upfront cost is $21,379.40, and then there is a recurring annual maintenance and support charge beginning the second year in the amount of $2,399.40. This does not need to be acted on right now. Mr. Everling indicated this has been pushed back and is now projected to start sometime in September.

Mr. Deyoe received a letter from the Kokomo’s Sheriff’s Department. They would like to use the south water tower to put antennas on for their radio system. They also requested access to the water treatment building. Mr. Deyoe will contact them regarding this matter.

Mr. Deyoe presented an agreement between the Town of Greentown and Wessler Engineering for On-Call Stormwater Engineering Services. This agreement is needed to start the work fixing the collapsed stormwater pipe on North Meridian. Mr. Deyoe asked for a motion to accept this agreement. Motion was made by Mrs. Higginbottom. Motion seconded by Mr. Flick. Motion carried.

Along with this agreement comes two immediate task orders. Task Order #1 provides on-call stormwater services of varying nature which are relatively minor, involve minimal time and effort, but may require a timely response and generally are not covered by or do not warrant separate, specific task orders or allow sufficient time for prior Town Council approval. Mr. Deyoe asked for a motion to accept. Motion was made by Mrs. Higginbottom. Motion seconded by Mr. Flick. Motion carried.

Task Order #2 provides for general assistance to the Town for replacement of approximately 300 linear feet of existing storm sewers located behind the property at 303 N. Meridian St. Mr. Deyoe asked for a motion to accept. Motion was made by Mr. Everling. Motion seconded by Mr. Flick. Motion carried.

Guests: Thomas Boller from Monsanto, which is located in Windfall, reported on their recycling program. Monsanto recycles 60,000 soybean bags a year and builds up credit with the recycling company which makes recreational furniture. They currently have benches and wanted to know if the town would be interested in having some at no charge. The benches retail for $500.00. They cost Monsanto nothing, but their name is on the benches for advertising. The Board thanked Mr. Boller and accepted the benches and will receive how ever many they will give the Town.

Mr. Klein would like to add another cell phone line for the on-call person. This will replace the pagers currently in use. Mr. Klein is also working with Gene Miller and Jared Isaac to have an alarm system working again at the water utility Mr. Klein would like to have all utilities on the same alarm system that would send out a text message whenever an alarm is tripped. Mr. Klein requested to have a smart phone for the wastewater plant. This matter was left to be resolved between Mr. Klein and Mrs. Duke.

Adjournment: Mr. Deyoe asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Mr. Flick. Motion seconded by Todd Everling.

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