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Town Council MInutes June 3, 2014

Town Council Meeting

June 3, 2014 6:30 PM

Present: Scott Deyoe, Todd Everling, Dan Adams, J. Scott Flick, Joyce Higginbottom , Clerk Teresa Duke

Meeting was called to order by President Scott Deyoe .

Approval of Clerk: Mr. Deyoe announced the resignation of Joyce Flick as Deputy Clerk/ Treasurer and thanked her for her contributions to the town through the transition of several town clerks. Mr. Deyoe then announced that Clerk/Treasurer John D. Wright had submitted his resignation the next day and that resignation was accepted also. Mr. Deyoe, at the recommendation of the State Board of Accounts, appointed his spouse Chari Deyoe as an emergency deputy clerk/treasurer in order to process town payroll. Estimated payroll checks were issued due to the inability to get into the accounting system.

Mr. Deyoe identified Mrs. Judy Good as Deputy Clerk/Treasurer. The town then entered into a contract with HR Unlimited to assist with clerk duties. Retha Hicks has been working the town through the process of replacing the Clerk. Mr. Deyoe has identified Mrs. Teresa Duke as a potential. Mr. Deyoe asked for a motion to appoint Mrs. Duke, which Mr. Everling provided. Mr. Adams seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Duke took the oath of office.

Approval of Docket: Mr. Deyoe presented a docket of bills to be approved by the Council. This is a change in procedure on the advice of HR Unlimited. Mrs. Higginbottom made a motion to accept the docket. Mr. Adams seconded. Motion carried.

Minutes of Previous meeting: The minutes of the previous meeting were presented for additions or corrections. Mrs. Higginbottom made a motion to accept the minutes. Mr. Everling seconded. Motion carried.

Engineer Report: Mr. Deyoe said there was no specific report on wastewater progress, but that progress was going well. Mr. Deyoe provided information from Wessler Engineering on several items which are progressing as part of the project.

Greentown Fire Dept. Report: Chief Tom Hendricks provided a report on monthly activity. There was 49 EMS runs, 4 rescues and 10 fire runs.

Police Dept. Report: Mr. Deyoe read the police activity numbers from the previous month that had been provided by Marshall Bennett. Officer Scott Comfort, in attendance, had nothing to add. Additional information on the status of specific properties in town were discussed. Mr. Everling made a motion to accept the police report. Mrs. Higginbottom seconded. Motion carried.

Water/Street Report: Deborah Bessler turned in her intent to retire on August 1, 2014. Mr. Everling made a motion to accept her retirement. Mr. Flick seconded. Motion carried. Mr. Deyoe presented the activity report by Kevin Moss for the Water and Street Department. The transmission on the street cleaner needs to be replaced. Mr. Moss has obtained three bids which were presented by Mr. Deyoe, and the best bid was accepted.

The fountain outside the town office needs to be repaired. Mr. Deyoe presented estimates for repairing the fountain and indicated that there may be matching funds to help with the cost of repairs.

Mr. Everling made a motion to accept the water and street report. Mr. Adams seconded. Motion carried.

Wastewater Report: Mr. Deyoe presented a report provided by Bryan Klein on the wastewater plant for the previous month

Park Advisory Board: Mary Miller provided a report in lieu of Jolene Rule. The town entrance and main street planters are looking better.

Unfinished Business: There was no unfinished business discussed.

New Business from Council Members: Mr. Everling reported that there are flooding issues with the Blondies Cookies location on North Meridian St. The town has video of the affected storm sewers to be reviewed by Wessler.

National Greentown Glass Association via Mr. Deyoe requested permission to display a temporary sign June 9 to the 16th. Motion by Mrs. Higginbottom. Mr. Everling seconde. Motion carried.

Clerk/ Treasurer and Council President: Mr. Deyoe presented a letter from the Howard County 4-H Fair requesting that East Payton St. be closed during the annual 4-H Fair. Mr. Flick motioned to give permission to close the street. Mr. Adams seconded. Motion carried.

Guest Presentation: Gary Buckley asked for permission to close Meridian St. from Main St. to Grant St. during the Music at the Fountain nights with specific dates and times for each event. Mr. Flick made a motion to give permission to close the steet during the events. Mr. Everling seconded. Motion carried. Mary Miller asked if there could be some police assistance with traffic control after the concerts.

Kevin Moss then presented a letter dated May 20th, 2013 with his retirement request to be effective on June 20, 2014. Motion by Mr. Everling to accept. Seconded by Mr. Flick. Motion carried.

With business concluded, Mr. Deyoe asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Flick made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Adams seconded.

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